• The Difference Between Pretensioning and Post-Tensioning

    The Difference Between Pretensioning and Post-Tensioning

    Sr.No Pretensioning Post-tensioning 1. Pretension is the technique in which we are imparting tension in strands before placing the concrete. Post tensioning is done by forming a duct in which strands are pulled (tensioned) after the concrete gains it’s full strength. 2. Small section...
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  • What is Pre-Stressed Steel?

    What is Pre-Stressed Steel?

    The overall reason to pre-stress steel is that it raises both the quality and the resistance to tension and compression characteristics of the steel. Although apparently recent, pre-stressed steel is a material whose origins date back a long way. The adoption of the technique of prestressing is a...
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  • Do what a responsible country do

    In the face of some rumors and disinformation on the internet about the outbreak  of the novel coronavirus, as a Chinese foreign trade enterprise, I need to explain to my customers here. The origin of the outbreak is in Wuhan City, because of eating wild animals, so here also reminds you not to e...
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  • Seasons Greetings

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  • 2 containers Prestressing Bar to India

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  • Post-tensioning bars for bridge and structural engineering

    Post-tensioning bars for bridge and structural engineering

    Post-tensioning bars are an integral part of modern post-tensioning solutions in bridge construction, structural engineering and the upgrading of structures. PT bar systems comprise post-tensioning thread bars of the grades 500/630, 830/1030, 930/1080, 1080/1230, as well as tested and approved an...
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  • Advantages & Applications Of Post-Tensioning

    Advantages & Applications Of Post-Tensioning

    Post-tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel : 1. It reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking-therefore no joints, or fewer joints, are needed 2. Cracks that do form are held tightly together 3. It allows slabs and other structural membe...
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  • What is Post-Tensioning

    What is Post-Tensioning

    Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Post-tensioning tendons, which are prestressing steel cables inside plastic ducts or sleeves, are positioned in the forms before the concrete is placed. Afterwards, once the concrete has gained strength but before the service loads are appl...
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